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         Offering cost effective business development intelligence for:

  • Industrial Maintenance

  • Industrial Shutdowns

  • Industrial Turnarounds

  • Industrial Capital Projects are added for FREE*

*Capital Projects are only included in Yearly Subscriptions

 Canadian Wide Projects

(East & West)

10 - 20+ Project Opportunities per Week


We supply data that is


Ask Yourself this 1 Question:

What's in Your Pipeline?

If it's not as full as you hoped it would be -  

         can Help!


Subscription Prices: $900 / year

(Yearly Subscription includes current month data (1 to 4 Weeks) + Capital Projects & Newsletter))


$99 / month

(Monthly Subscription includes current weekly data (1 - 4 Weeks) only.  No Capital Projects or Newsletter))



                   is now in a JV (Joint Venture) with:  C.C.M.S.T. 

(Canadian Council for Maintenance, Shutdowns and Turnarounds)

CCMST is a National “Peer-to-Peer” Industry Owner ONLY Association providing reliable Maintenance, Shutdown & Turnaround timelines, scope, activity and labour requirements to ensure that all Shutdowns may be timed accordingly to minimize costs and maximize labour availability in and near individual specific areas of operation.   

Please visit them at:


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Contact Us


      Office Locations

  • Edmonton, Alberta CANADA


p) 1-780-903-0407

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Project Data is just a "click" away!

      exists to solve the critical business development issues facing our clients, both large and small.

When you gain a deeper understanding of the market you operate in, data, analysis and business intelligence, reveals where you can shine.


Business Development is much more than Sales. It’s more than Lead Generation - though that begins to define its role in most organizations. Research, analysis and due diligence connected to our internal lead generation data acquisition directly results in opportunity.


Leveraging what you already have +                  = a bottom line gain for 2022 and beyond.


Often you’ve developed resources that can be re-positioned, re-purposed  or re-trained for maximum efficiency and productivity if you find that your sales results are not meeting targeted goals.  As market builders with experience in the Global Industrial Maintenance Industry,              can quickly grow your company’s product or service offering, and get you in front of key prospects immediately.   


It can all start with a single subscription.


The core of            is our extensive Industrial Market Intelligence Data Base utilizing advanced algorithmic data collection and interpretation software.  This along with our stellar data-miners gives your company the edge when reaching out to prospective clients.  Our data turns any “Cold-Call” into a "Hot Call" with your sales team.   With an entrepreneurial eye, we can help you see possibilities and markets you may have overlooked or discounted in the past.   


You should be attacking your prospect from every angle until they become viable tender offerings.


Many long established companies as well as startups and visionaries often have a disconnect when it comes to executing business development in the “Covid 19” world - that’s where we find our niche.


                does so much in-house, that it’s hard to compete with our cost to value ratio.


If you need in-house assistance to ramp up sales, we do that as well—in well executed campaigns. Sales is tactical, delivered in quick, measurable campaigns. That’s how we build sales.


For more information, connect with us. We’d love to hear your story and see how we can help.

Developed by business development professionals for business development professionals.  


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Industries Served for
Shutdowns, Maintenance & Turnarouds

  • Oil & Gas

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Mining

  • Pipelines

  • Refining

  • Terminals

  • Power

  • Alternative Energy

  • Industrial Miscellaneous

Data Provided

  • Project Owner

  • Project Location 

  • Total Project Value 

  • Start Times & Duration

  • Contact Data

    • Name​

    • Title

    • Phone #

    • Email

    • Linkedin Address

    • Alternate Contacts 

  • Project "Cliff" Notes (it is this section that really separates us from the competition)

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Would your company like to increase sales opportunities in the Industrial Shutdown & Maintenance Market?  Why not start today to get your sales team rolling on these exciting projects.  

Don't forget to look or ask about our "Special  Reports" and Custom Business Development Service Offerings.


Message us today to get started

All Pricing is in CDN Dollars

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