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Business Development Services - Day Rate / Hourly Service 


100% payment required before contract starts 

Contract will depend on # of Days requested / purchased

  • Access to our dealer/sales team in regions where applicable
  • Dedicated service 
  • Build existing house accounts into extra value add customers
  • Build new relationships as per your marketing plan and capabilities
  • Custom Business Development service as per your request / requirements


The pricing and deliverables for this service must be confirmed with a Menex Tele-Interview

Things to be considered are: Duration of Contract / Level of Service / Geographic Boundaries / Support / Service Offering / Scope and Schedule / and a detialed review of Menex/Client KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) / Dedicated Resources

- All prices are in CDN Dollars.

- Any & All Taxes (if applicable) are added to the price.

- Price quoted is a daily fee and may or may not have a contract term applied to it.

Business Development Service - $100.00/Hr.


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