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BC Hydro - Site C Employment

News Release 9-11-18-001

Edmonton, Alberta - September 11, 2018 - Edited by Kevin Pydde, Menex Industrial Data Inc.

Reference Article - Alaska Highway News

BC Hydro's Site C dam continues to grow, with 3,303 workers in July 2018.

There were:

  • 705 Peace Region residents on site employed as construction and non-construction contractors

  • Local workers make up 26 per cent of the construction and non-construction workforce total of 2,675

  • Of the total of 2,625 workers, 79 per cent, from B.C. in construction and non-construction contractors, engineers and project team jobs.

  • BC Hydro reports three temporary foreign workers employed on the project in July, along with 93 apprentices, 255 First Nations people, and 424 women.

  • The bulk of the project's construction and non-construction workforce continues to be heavy equipment operators, with roughly 750 employed on the project, an increase of more than 100 month over month. There were another 440 labourers and150 engineers.

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