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This week saw some great activity in the Canadian Maintenance Sector. Menex was made aware of some great projects all across Canada.

  • A huge asbestos abatement program for 230 building across Canada.

  • Menex was contacted by a client discussing a tender package that is being released and that they are looking for interested vendors. There is a large outstanding batch of tenders clients should act on immediately. Ranging from HVAC, plumbing, security systems, electrical, and generator Maintenance.

  • Menex has also been informed that an Expression of Interest was released from a Client that stated a very large scale purchase and will be open to all vendors as the former "Vendor" is being removed. Products include Safety Supplies / Tools / Chemicals etcetera.

  • A 5 year annual award will be issued by a vendor for Generator Maintenance.

  • We were also informed this week that a well-known facility that has one major shutdown every three years, has some failing equipment from the shutdown that was done last year (it didn’t go that well) and they may have to complete another major shutdown within the year. (2019).

  • 5 additional shutdowns and maintenance projects were also released.

This week we had:

2 Industrial Maintenance Project

2 Mining Maintenance Projects

1 Oil & Gas Maintenance Project

3 Power Maintenance Projects

2 Pulp & Paper Maintenance Projects

1 in BC / 3 in AB / 2 in SK / 1 in YK / 1 in ON / 1 in NU / 1 Nation Wide

3 Building Trades / 2 Non-Union / 5 Open Shop

Total Value of this week’s Maintenance Projects: $24,726,500+

* For more information on this facility, contacts and/or project requirements or to subscribe – contact: or visit our website at Canadian Subscription packages start at $125/month

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